Somewhere Else

The beast opens one chariot-sized golden eye focusing on your ornate sword. You stop breathing, waiting for its claws and teeth. It remains motionless--perhaps curious. Why should it fear you? If it isn't hungry, it might fall back to sleep ...

Mymud belongs to the oldest genre of multi-player computer games. Mymud is a completely text based adventure. It is a role-playing game, though we don't expect you to go all out pretending to be your character during in-game chats.

Mymud is designed to be learned as you play. Don't get hung up on how to play. Your first few characters will die many times. But, you'll learn and get better at the game as you go. Feel free to type 'help' in the game for a list of commands available to you. Also, other players can help when you ask for advice.

Note: Be considerate of other players. Remember, some players are children. Extreme trolling, overly rude behavior, or illegal actions can result in banning, deletion of your characters, and reporting to law enforcement. All activity in this game can be monitored and recorded. By creating an account, you accept these terms.

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